Monthly personal goal – December.

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Happy Monday morning! So grateful that my backache has very much reduced. Thank God.
Had a really decent night with the hubbs yesterday attending a dear friend’s wedding. After putting the little one to bed, we talk about life (then, now and the future) over a jug of warm Milo. Yes, a jug. The last few weeks, we’ve been seeing each other less and less due to work, really need to make an effort to fine-tune the quality of the time spend together.

  1. Finish my Part I thesis and submit for review.
  2. De-clutter our pad (we already did yesterday, felt SO GOOD!) more.
  3. Time to give – Planning to collect some of Ju-Hann’s old toys/plushies/clothes and giveaways to the orphanage for Christmas. Even we have a second kid, what we have is more than enough, those kids definitely need it more than we do.
  4. Read more to my Ju-Hann.
  5. Take care of myself. Eat well, live well, sleep well.

Here’s to a productive week ahead. Cheers.


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