Go Green. It’s Important.

ece1be89a9aadf969448783cee109b11As I’m taking Sustainable Construction as one of my subject this semester, I start to get very self conscious on getting ‘green’. Before this, I’m not exactly a tree hugger/green-advocator and go all out on being ‘green’, because I always thought, the change in me alone won’t make any difference. However, after taking this course, I realize that if all of us can do our part in saving mother nature, especially when we have the little ones who will models upon us, as the saying goes: Monkey see monkey do. Hence, I had decided to start small, right here at our little home.

  1. Packed lunch. I try to use as much food container as much as I could for everyday’s lunch. How hard is’t to just give it a wash when you’re done? I love these containers from IKEA.
  2. Wear it twice. Although I’m not used to wearing any of my garments repeatedly/more than once, I shall try it this time (only restricted to trousers, jeans & cardigans).
  3. Digitalised it. When it comes to reading materials, I always had the habit to print out all my notes & do all the highlighting & sticky post-it notes on it. Now I tried to digitalised it through IPAD and limit hard copy printing as much as I could, especially with my current company is encouraging us to go paperless.
  4. Use cloth diaper. I’m pretty proud that i had been using this for awhile now, ever since my baby started crawling. Although I’m not a full time user, but I’ll try to use it as much as I can. But looking at Ju-Hann’s age now, maybe I should start potty train him?
  5. Save Electricity. Needless to say? Ever since I started to diligently switch off lights/fans whenever I’m not using, I notices our bill does reduces quite a bit.

Mental note: need to remember to bring my own shopping bag during weekend.


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