Why I love (this) Friday – Need a break.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
On normal circumstance, I usually wish that time could pass by slower, however right now I just can’t wait for Nov to be over. It’s been a really exhausting month. An unexpected back pain coupled with a conspicuous amount of work, assignment deadline submission, preparing for exams, looking for houses, framework for thesis…etc really makes me wanna just lie flat and wake up when its Dec. But having said all that I’m grateful for:

  • A caring hubbie (who drives me to work twice this week).
  • A healthy child (which reminds me that I need to really be present when I’m with him)
  • A loving mom (who help me babysit when I’m attending class this weekend)
  • A humble home (which I’m so looking forward to go home to)
  • A brilliant discovery (that made me & the hubbs in awe for days. It also reminds ourselves not to fret the small stuff.)

{Can’t take it anymore, Dec please come quicker…}


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