Thank you, 2014

This year, has been roller coaster. We have a rough start, a series of unfortunate events, not to mention the time when God tested our faith and finally taking a huge career change in our lives. Every conversation, every event, every course, every bump and bruise has led me to where I am now, & it feels DARN good to be where I am now. So to wrap up 2014, I would say the pitfalls are equally important as the triumphs. Treasure each moment as it will make you stronger, wiser and better. I’ve learn to take things by the day and start to live Now.

As 2015 is approaching, I hope that I will be better in what I do, finish my MA, and learn up Revit and Codebook software as soon as I can. But beyond that, I want to make time to read, be a better parent, have longer conversations with good people, eat healthy, have more date nights with the hubbs.

There will be time when life will strikes you with challenges or a real bad situation. However, as hubbs says we can always choose to make the best out of it. We can’t control the future, but we definitely can choose how to react to each and every day.

Here’s to wishing everyone a  peaceful New Year.

The gift of giving.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 presetLast Saturday, hubb’s company had organised a ‘gift day out’ at a local orphanage in Cheras. It was perfect as I was scratching my head trying to figure out where to donate my bags of unused baby/toddler items to. Now that baby Ju is starting to understand and learn about things that we do everyday, we want to teach the little one the true meaning of Christmas and the joy of gift giving to those who are less fortunate.

The Gamudians did a pretty good job. Besides handing out goodie bags (with Gamuda’s stationary), they personalized every presents’ wrapping and attended it to every child’s name on the present. They also ordered hundreds ringgit worth of goods from Tesco, provide an awesome fiesta of Domino’s pizza for the kids and even go through the trouble of getting gardening supplies to teach them how to plant vegetables at their little garden. The Christian based home which was established 25 years ago, had been providing shelter, food, lodging and education for 35 kids who comes from various background. They are so polite and friendly that it’s such joy to spend time with. I’m so glad that baby Ju blends in well, and he was adored by most of the kids there. I hope we can continue to do this every year with Ju-Hann.

Rumah Sayangan can be reached at 03-9131 6663 / 03-9130 3687. They welcome any kind of donation, but most of all, they wished for the time spent with these kids. They are located at No.14-16, Jalan Siput 3, Taman Billion, 56000 Cheras, KualaLumpur.

Happy Giving!



A Sick Child…

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset…makes you appreciate the presence of your family more.
…force you to make the underlying choice that your child comes first, above anything else (even it means skipping your final exam).
…makes you realized that once upon a long long time, our parents go through the same thing with us, they nurture us when we’re sick too.
…means you need to forgive your spouse for shouting out at you for not packing fast enough when you need to go to the Emergency.
…force you to spend time with you spouse, doing nothing but take care of the child. No work, no TV, no house chores.
…is the only delight when even they’re sick, they murmurs 谢谢when you sponge him down with wet clothes.

Get well soon baby Ju. I know the only way you can get the extra attention from mommy & daddy is when you’re sick. Thank you for reminding us once in a while what really matters most, despite all that occupies in our daily lives.

Annual Book Shopping.

2014-12-07 09.40

It’s been a crazy crazy week! Just submitted my assignment and works are pilling in. But… I always make time for Big Bad Wolf booksale! Feel so blessed to have this extravaganza here in Malaysia as I think this country could really use a boost of reading culture. Kid you not, the price of these books is dirt cheap (if you compare with the original price). If you really spend time to scout around, you can find some pretty jewel amongst the mountain of books!.

This year, we went along with 2 small luggage bag to limit ourselves from overbuying… LOL. Here’s our purchase:
2014-12-07 09.45 2014-12-07 12.36 2014-12-07 12.39 2014-12-07 a12.39
{Always make sure I get some as Christmas presents for friends & family. This year I got a few for our neighbor & colleague’s kid.}
{Hammie’s stack. This year, we manage to get those with characters that he can associate himself with.}
{Hubbs got some work-related books, a replacement of Dan Brown’s and of course a movie book.}
{This year, I’m all about going green, at the same time due to much Interstellar influence, I thought maybe its spend to expand my knowledge into cosmology and some general knowledge.}

Looking forward to the next sale.