Annual Book Shopping.

2014-12-07 09.40

It’s been a crazy crazy week! Just submitted my assignment and works are pilling in. But… I always make time for Big Bad Wolf booksale! Feel so blessed to have this extravaganza here in Malaysia as I think this country could really use a boost of reading culture. Kid you not, the price of these books is dirt cheap (if you compare with the original price). If you really spend time to scout around, you can find some pretty jewel amongst the mountain of books!.

This year, we went along with 2 small luggage bag to limit ourselves from overbuying… LOL. Here’s our purchase:
2014-12-07 09.45 2014-12-07 12.36 2014-12-07 12.39 2014-12-07 a12.39
{Always make sure I get some as Christmas presents for friends & family. This year I got a few for our neighbor & colleague’s kid.}
{Hammie’s stack. This year, we manage to get those with characters that he can associate himself with.}
{Hubbs got some work-related books, a replacement of Dan Brown’s and of course a movie book.}
{This year, I’m all about going green, at the same time due to much Interstellar influence, I thought maybe its spend to expand my knowledge into cosmology and some general knowledge.}

Looking forward to the next sale.


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