A Sick Child…

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset…makes you appreciate the presence of your family more.
…force you to make the underlying choice that your child comes first, above anything else (even it means skipping your final exam).
…makes you realized that once upon a long long time, our parents go through the same thing with us, they nurture us when we’re sick too.
…means you need to forgive your spouse for shouting out at you for not packing fast enough when you need to go to the Emergency.
…force you to spend time with you spouse, doing nothing but take care of the child. No work, no TV, no house chores.
…is the only delight when even they’re sick, they murmurs 谢谢when you sponge him down with wet clothes.

Get well soon baby Ju. I know the only way you can get the extra attention from mommy & daddy is when you’re sick. Thank you for reminding us once in a while what really matters most, despite all that occupies in our daily lives.


3 thoughts on “A Sick Child…

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