Thank you, 2014

This year, has been roller coaster. We have a rough start, a series of unfortunate events, not to mention the time when God tested our faith and finally taking a huge career change in our lives. Every conversation, every event, every course, every bump and bruise has led me to where I am now, & it feels DARN good to be where I am now. So to wrap up 2014, I would say the pitfalls are equally important as the triumphs. Treasure each moment as it will make you stronger, wiser and better. I’ve learn to take things by the day and start to live Now.

As 2015 is approaching, I hope that I will be better in what I do, finish my MA, and learn up Revit and Codebook software as soon as I can. But beyond that, I want to make time to read, be a better parent, have longer conversations with good people, eat healthy, have more date nights with the hubbs.

There will be time when life will strikes you with challenges or a real bad situation. However, as hubbs says we can always choose to make the best out of it. We can’t control the future, but we definitely can choose how to react to each and every day.

Here’s to wishing everyone a  peaceful New Year.


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