That broken glasses.

Yupe, my toddler finally did it. He freakin snapped my glasses into 2 pieces! Sigh, this thick-framed glasses that made me look like a frog had been with me for the past 6 years (I think). It was my mistake actually, I should not have left it on the table when Ju-Hann can grab it so easily. So to cut the long story short, he got hold of my glasses & immediately I ask him to give it back to me, he said no and hold tightly to it, I try to grab it from him, he tried to pull it backwards, & suddenly it just snapped!. I was in disbelief for about 5 seconds, before I hear myself scolded him for ruining it. I wasn’t that upset, but I just want him to know that what he did was wrong. & so, he gave me his guilty look, that bewildered bug eye look, while staying very quiet. After 5 minutes of scolding, hubbs ask him to go sit at the sofa and I refuse to talk to him and proceed to make dinner. That whole evening, he was so obedient. He didn’t dare to come down from the sofa until I said so. I gotta admit, that was the best part of it. And for the next few days, whenever he’s shows any signs of tantrums/misbehave/naughtiness, I immediately brought out the broken glasses and ask him to look at what he did, his behaviour will change completely!

Wow, the power of a broken glasses. Right now, it sits next to our stereo in the living room. This will be our ‘weapon’ (for now). 😛


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