2015, Let’s do this!

It’s that time of the year where we make a list of new year’s resolution. I’d like to think that I did pretty well in my last year’s resolution, not perfect, but good enough for me to be happy where I am. This year, I will continue to do more of #1 to #5, and I’ve added #6 to #10 into the list this year.

#6 Put more effort into date night
Hubbs and I used to do really nice things for each other – surprises, sentimental gifts and etc. – But it seems that we kinda stop. We spend so much time with work, families and study  but we have very little time on our own. Last two year, I make a lot of effort to be the best mom I can be, and I sort of forgot to be a good wife. Throughout the journey of this marriage, we have change and grow as a person, and by remembering how it all started before our baby’s Ju arrival is the fundamental of our love. I promised to work harder on this, maybe try this, this or maybe just plain daydreaming?

#7 Appreciate little joy
Whether it’s watching him sleep, or the fact that he will curl up to me to watch his favourite show, or pass me book after book to read it out loud to him, I want to really really appreciate this very moment. Little joy includes having the groceries delivered to my door step, spending time with my besties, having working day breakfast with the hubbs when he send me to work, drinking coffee when I really really wanted it, cook more meals at home for my family, listening to Ella Fitzgerald… I want to enjoy the simplest things in life,  Instead of waiting for life to ‘get there’, I want ‘happy to be here’.

#8 Simplicity
I learned that happiness comes in the simplest form. Having less means having more. This year, I had given out a lot of stuff that I had not been using for the past year. I even gave out the soft toys that hubbs brought for me. It’s difficult for me as that fur friend hold lots of fond and memorable moments while we were apart. But I’d decided to give it away because I would love to see how the bear who’d brought me comfort and  joy will do the same to the lonely girl at the home, rather than collecting dust in my cubbie. I want to cut down on my daily consumerism and materialistic stuff and start to live in simplicity.

#9 Declutter
That leads to #9, to de-clutter. It’s my new resolution to rid off physical clutter in the home as well as reduce as much waste as I can in the household, for our planet’s sake.  There is only that much we need, I still have a lot to learn and adopt when it comes to a minimalist lifestyle. Great inspiration from this one if you plan to do the same.

#10 Get ready for change
If there’s one thing that’s constant in 2014, that will be change. Having completed Change Management as part of my MA, I realise teh importance of embracing change in whatever we do. Being me, I’m the most rigid and least flexible person (ask my husband). I love routine and always swear by a to-do list so that I have the week/month/future all planned out. But the truth is, you can always plan your heart out but when the unexpected happens, we must brave ourselves to embrace it no matter what.

Wish me luck!

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