Shaken into Perspective.

2015-01-13 10.49Just a quick note before I go off for a presentation at JKR (again). It’s been a crazy week. We were rushing for an extremely important presentation deadline and the amount of work to do is just insane! I have never attended a meeting/presentation for about 70 – 80 pax so this  is really an eye opening. Class’s starting this week (much sooner than I expected) and the lecturer had already send us the assignment! On a side note, I have not progress much for my MA either and my weekend chores & to-do list is piling up, nevertheless, you can say I’m pretty stressed out.

But then this morning, as I arrived office (after stuck in the jam for 1 hr) and had my breakkie, in my mind complaining about the ridiculous jam I have to go through ever since the school starts, I came across the a piece of article that features a series of Post Flood images in the East Coast. My heart sank, & I realized my problems, isn’t problem at all.  These flood victims practically lose their home, belonging or even loved ones, while I  complained about my never ending chores/task. I feel so embarrassed to begin with. With that, I take a deep breath and counted my blessings for today. I thank God for all that was good in my life.

{Picture taken yesterday when I attended a meeting at KKR’s HQ, where the toilet has a to-die-for view, designed by GDP}


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