A Train Ride to the City.

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During the CNY, we did something out of the norm. After days of visiting friends and family, hubbs decided to bring Ju-Hann for a train ride. You see, my 2.5 yo toddler is obsessed with all kinds of vehicles: Bus, car, truck, digger, bike, bicycle… and so choo choo train was one of it. He’d only seen train is his books so we thought it’ll be fun for him to take a train ride, & so we did!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

He was so amused and engrossed the whole time, not to mention being a ‘star’ shaking hands and exchange smiles with the passengers, wishing them ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’. He paced himself slowly from sitting at the seats, to standing up and look out through the window and finally urging his da-da to bring him to sit at the train head so he can have a full HD view right in front of him.

Truthfully, it was one of the best experience for myself. It’s been awhile since I took a train ride… it ought to be my college days. The train was clean, fast and not to mention quite comfortable. It’s so amazing that through the eyes of my child, I learn to appreciate and value the little things in life.

Next adventure, perhaps a ferry?

The babysitter.

Today, is the first day hubbs is taking a full day to babysit the little monster while I return to work.
To my hubbie: Thanks for doing this, and good luck! Please don’t over stuff him with crackers and biscuit that he looks like this:
CheekyChipmunkHappy CNY to all my friends, family and (readers). Hope you all had a joyous celebration and a blessed year ahead. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Valentine’s 2015

How was your Valentine’s Day? We….
… had our V-day dinner at our ritual Yong-tau-foo place.
… had coffee and choc moist cake at a new found place, which is pretty dainty.
… wrestle and tickle the kid silly until he’s exhausted. (Have i mentioned he’s afraid of tickling?)
… cleaned the bathroom.
… had wine while watching American Hustle (kinda have my qualms on Christian Bale’s appearance, he’d better not grow fat.)
…occasionally share silly smiles over the good meal we had and how blessed we are to have each other.

Thanks dear for a quiet one, just what I need.

Why I love (this) Friday.

Its been a tiring week, with on-going interaction with UPM, conducting case study & distributing questionnaire at my research site, and not to mention lack of sleep!. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Things seems to be coming together. So these are my little joys that made my Friday.

1. Got an unexpected call of opportunity yesterday. I feel tormented to be honest, but still I feel so hourned to be offered this golden opportunity.
2. Hubbs volunteered to send me to work today. We had McD’s  bubur & my homemade sandwich for breakkie. Such a bliss.
3. It’ll be CNY in less than a week! This year, we truly get to celebrate it with a pure joy, peace and contentment.
4. Baby Ju keeps saying ‘da-da go home’. What he meant was ‘da-da come home’ every time I ask him where’s da-da.
5. I got most of ny research questionnaire back, hopefully I can start on Chapter IV data analysis soon.

How was your Fri-yay? 🙂

{Pics taken by hubbs during my site visit for my research.}


IMG_20150211_133821Lately, this little guy had been requesting for Hugs. Last night, while having dinner, hubbs came home from work, & immediately he said: “Da-da, Hug Hug” and open his arms big & wide. Sometimes, he’ll run towards me & hug my legs. More often, when we’re reading a book, with animals  (like dogs & cats & ducks) on it, he will give that ‘page’ a hug and then ask me to do the same. Well, I’m all for hugging, just hope he doesn’t ask me to hug a real dog, or a cat in the middle of the street next time. 🙂

{Pics taken last Sunday at our neighbourhood playground}

Things to do.

As I’m nearing to complete my oh-so-painstaking thesis, I’m looking forward to the day where I don’t need to grasp hold of any free moment and start looking at my laptop screen. Yes baby, finally I can do the things I wanted to (but was put off) due to my study. Below are just some bits of it:

  • Go for health screening and dental check up…. because, it doesn’t matter if you have everything but not health.
  • Go for a short family vacay… because we had not been on one since we had Ju-Hann.
  • Cook more… because cost of living is getting higher and we need to save more, plus it’s never too late to eat healthy.
  • Visit the gym again… because it’s been too long.
  • Join a Yoga class… because I’d always wanted to but never make time.
  • Read non-academic books… because I had not even finished one since I take up my MA.
  • Take up a short course in Revit or Bentley… because you just got to keep up yourself with the pace of technology, CAD & 3D Max is so old school.

…and most importantly I want to spend more time with these two and also our folks, who’s growing older by the day. IMG_20150415_135135

Long Weekend.

Finally, I’m back in the office. It seems like forever since i drive through Kesas highway, walk through the steps to my office & made my morning cuppa. Gosh, I miss being in my office! All that amazingness until I caught sight of my poor plant wilting away… 😦

We just had a super long weekend & to be honest, I’m still exhausted. Last 2 weeks, my colleagues and work associates practically camped at UPM for a 9 days Schematic Interaction for the new teaching hospital which we’re gonna built. It’s been really tiring, I leave home at 7 in the morning & I don’t reach home till it’s 9 or 10pm at night, but it has been a very insightful experience.

The weekend was filled with house chores, being a full time mommy and tending a sick husband. I cook, do laundry, cleaning and wiping the window sills, mop the floor, making salads & fruits for the week, packing the messiness around, while trying to sneak some time to work on my thesis.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetLike I said, it’s been a really exhausting week, but I try not to lose sight of what matters most.

(Pic taken one of the night when I came home real late, look what the dad put on him for his pajamas. :P)