Things to do.

As I’m nearing to complete my oh-so-painstaking thesis, I’m looking forward to the day where I don’t need to grasp hold of any free moment and start looking at my laptop screen. Yes baby, finally I can do the things I wanted to (but was put off) due to my study. Below are just some bits of it:

  • Go for health screening and dental check up…. because, it doesn’t matter if you have everything but not health.
  • Go for a short family vacay… because we had not been on one since we had Ju-Hann.
  • Cook more… because cost of living is getting higher and we need to save more, plus it’s never too late to eat healthy.
  • Visit the gym again… because it’s been too long.
  • Join a Yoga class… because I’d always wanted to but never make time.
  • Read non-academic books… because I had not even finished one since I take up my MA.
  • Take up a short course in Revit or Bentley… because you just got to keep up yourself with the pace of technology, CAD & 3D Max is so old school.

…and most importantly I want to spend more time with these two and also our folks, who’s growing older by the day. IMG_20150415_135135


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