Why I love (this) Friday.

Its been a tiring week, with on-going interaction with UPM, conducting case study & distributing questionnaire at my research site, and not to mention lack of sleep!. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Things seems to be coming together. So these are my little joys that made my Friday.

1. Got an unexpected call of opportunity yesterday. I feel tormented to be honest, but still I feel so hourned to be offered this golden opportunity.
2. Hubbs volunteered to send me to work today. We had McD’s  bubur & my homemade sandwich for breakkie. Such a bliss.
3. It’ll be CNY in less than a week! This year, we truly get to celebrate it with a pure joy, peace and contentment.
4. Baby Ju keeps saying ‘da-da go home’. What he meant was ‘da-da come home’ every time I ask him where’s da-da.
5. I got most of ny research questionnaire back, hopefully I can start on Chapter IV data analysis soon.

How was your Fri-yay? 🙂

{Pics taken by hubbs during my site visit for my research.}


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