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How many times can your child called you ‘Mommy’ in a day? Mine? Endless! Ju-Hann is in the phase where he’s learning to speak and communicate, which is lovely, but oh boy, I’m astonished with the amount of stuff coming out from his little mouth and the amount of times he calls me ‘mommy’.

“Mommy, come!” (while waving both of his hand like a duck)
“Mommy, quat (squat)” (while squatting down observing a snail at the park after a rainy evening)
“Mommy, eat veggie” (while stuffing himself with vege(s)
“Mommy, help” (extend his hand & ask me to help him get up)
“Mommy, biccut (biscuit)
“Mommy, car car! peepo peepo peepo…”
“Mommy, bird bird! Bird bird fly!” “mommy…. mommy… mommy….”and it goes on and on and on…

There was this one time, when I was on my phone checking some email, & I can hear him calling my ‘mommy’ multiple times, I sort of acknowledge him but my face is still buried in the phone. He even tapped me on my hand, but still I didn’t look at him. You know what he did next? He buried his face right in front of mine while calling me ‘mommie, mommie, mommie’ till I acknowledge him! Talk about perseverance!

It’s cute yet it’s giving hubs and myself a migraine. Imagine 6 full days with this kiddo during the CNY break. When I started work, I can still here humming sounds of ‘Mommy! mommy! mommy!’ in my ear…Ahh… the joy & (pain) of being a parent.


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