Monthly Personal Goal – March 2015

1. Eat well

Once afternoon, I had the sudden urge of having McD (which I usually don’t), so my colleague and I went to get one nearby our office. When I finished the entire meal, I felt sick. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the CNY hangover with all the cookies and goodies, I don’t feel healthy like I used too. So this would be the main goal of the month. Fruits and cereal, here I come!

2. Take it easy
Once I had decided to deferred the submission my thesis, I find myself less uptight, less edgy and definitely less annoying (according to my hubbie). I had been chasing deadlines after deadlines, at work as well as my study and I’m exhausted! I felt tired every morning due to the late nights and it’s making me less productive. Time to take it easy and strike the balance before I fall completely apart, physically & mentally.

3. Start trying
Did I mentioned that my Thesis is killing me with Chapter IV? I’d always hate maths, I hate numbers, though I’m freakishly good at dimensions and space planning. You see, Chapter IV is where we need to analysed all the quantitative data using a special software called SPSS. Mean value, standard deviation, p value, t-test value though it’s pretty basics stuff in statistics, but I just don’t get it, Urrrgh! Anyways, I tell myself not to give up, and just get on with it no matter how hard it is.


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