When the Storm is Over.

This was meant to be posted on 23rd Dec 2014, right after post-recovery of a sick child, not sure why it’s sitting in my draft…

These days, Ju-Hann boy had been such an angel. He is obedient, affectionate and saying a whole bunch of words. He also said his first Malay word: ‘Sayang’. Usually when we said ‘sayang mommy or sayang dada’, he’ll just put his hand on our face and caress it, but yesterday he said out loud (in the cutest way) when we were at the hospital.

Sometimes, you tend to lose sight of what’s most precious, a sick child will quickly put things back into perspectives. It’s been a hectic month. I just wrapped up my exam, while tending to a sick child for two long weeks, not to mentioned post recovery clingy child that drives us up the wall. We’ve been in and out the hospitals but I’m grateful that hammie is back to his usual cheeky self now. I can’t wait to spend a lovely long overdue Christmas holiday with the family.

Happy holidays!


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