Quiet (Not)!

It’s pretty rare that I can enjoy a peaceful quiet morning all by myself. Between mommy duties, home chores, and work (with a new tender project coming up), it’s a miracle if I can even finish a cuppa coffee or shower for more than 15 minutes. I kid you not, this is the life of a full time working mom. So when i decided to take 2 days off in order for me to work on my thesis, I’m expecting 2 full days of peace and quiet. Guess what, it didn’t turn out as planned. The upper floor in the apartment where I live is undergoing some major renovation! From the sound of it (I used to work in construction sites), I highly doubt it’s a ‘installing a new cubbie’ reno, or a ‘fixing a new sink’ reno, it’s more like a ‘hack of that brick wall’ reno and ‘reconstruct the entire toilet’ kinda of reno. The knocking, hacking and deconstructing noise is driving me insane! Imagine my frustration, I can’t even take a short nap. That was yesterday. Today, I decided not to let it beat me down, today I’m Zen, because my supervisor had gave me a good review on my thesis progress. So I lit a candle, turn on volume of my favourite Jazz radio, and have a cup of my favourite peppermint tea, and all is right with the world again.


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