Ju-Hann: 2 years 5 months

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetTime is passing by so quickly that I stop counting the day when Ju-Hann turns another month old. But yesterday, I realized that it was the 18th, & I had a hard time to recall exactly how old is he. So here’s a little update (for my keeping) of my baby boy.

  1. He’s a real chatterbox. He will repeat himself the same thing over & over again to everyone at home. It can be a little exhausting, to have someone in your face and talk to you all the time. But I’m just glad that he enjoys speaking, definitely not complaining.
  2. I can see that he’s trying to communicate with other kids more lately. Every time we walk in the park or take a leisure walk outside, he will shouts ‘jie jie’ or ‘ko ko’ and run towards them, hoping they would play with him. Poor boy gets ignored all the time.
  3. He can recognize all 26 alphabet letters (capital letters) but sometimes confused between L & I. He can recites 1-10 (in both English & Mandarin), but not quite there yet when it comes to counting.
  4. He can recognize basic shapes like ‘circle’, ‘square’ and ‘diamond’,  but is still confused with Colours.
  5. He loves to draw (or shall I say scribble?), and my boss ask me to bring home some unused AO/A1 size drawings so they can knock themselves out. What a brilliant idea, save me the trouble on nagging him from drawing outside the paper.
  6. He sleeps around 8-9pm and wakes up at 7am. He’ll take 2-3 hours of nap everyday. I must say that I’m really grateful that I do not have problem when it comes to sleep/nap. This kid can sleep!
  7. The kid loves music, enjoy watching Michael Jackson and sings ‘ABC’ all day long.
  8. He eats almost everything that we gave him, but lately he’s start to be picky about leafy vege, but I’m not too worried, all kids go through that right?
  9. He loves to play with ball (with hand), no matter how hard we try to teach him to kick it, he ends up picking it up with his hands.
  10. He’s good at imitating adults these days. One day he was throwing tantrum in a car, the next thing you know, he shouted ‘Ju-Hann!’, imitating the father reprimand him when he’s being naughty. That was funny and brilliant at the same time.

We hope to enroll him to Pre-Kindergarten in a few months time, so I’m trying to bring him to Gymboree class as often as I can, hopefully there won’t be too much drama during the transition. It’s a bittersweet feeling – I’m totally freak out with the idea that he’s going to school, at the same time I know my little champ is going to learn so much about the world. Love you much baby Ju, happy 29th months old.

{Ju-Hann with his new found friend, Harris, at the park}


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