Conversation with my 2.5 yo: Four, Fork?

Yesterday, after fetching my toddler from the nanny, he told me he wanted to have pear. So as soon as we reached home, i went to the kitchen and cut up the pear, while he waited patiently outside the kitchen (P.S. he’s not allowed to be inside the kitchen). So after finished cutting, this is how the conversation goes.

Me: ‘Ju, how many slice of pear would you like to have?”
Ju: ‘Two’
Me: ‘Are you sure? Two seems so little, how about four?’
Ju: ‘OK. Four!’

So, I put in four slices into the bowl and pass it to him. Normally, he would eagerly bring his bowl and sit on the sofa to savour it, nice and slow. But yesterday, he just sat there and kept saying: ‘Mommy, fourr… fourr, fourrr aarrr…’

Me: Four? Mommy just gave you four slices.
Ju: Fourrr… mommy four pissh (please), fourrr… fourrr….

I’m utterly confused, didn’t I just gave him four pieces? He goes on and on about ‘fouurrr’, each time getting more and more agitated because I don’t response to him like I should. Me, confused, him, frustrated. As I started to get frustrated myself and was about to scold him, I saw the cutlery on the tray, I had a light bulb moment… ‘Fork!’, he meant fork! So I immediately reach for the drawer, get his ‘fork’ and pass it to him. Without a word, he took his fork and snuck away to the sofa with his bowl of pear (& fork).

Talk about communication breakdown eh?


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