On Small Home…

These few weeks we’ll be busy renovating our new home. It’s been a long whirlwind roller coaster ride, but I choose to believe that good things comes to those who wait… and trust me, we waited long enough. This place we’re moving in is not a lot bigger then where we used to live. Truth is, I’ve never like big houses. As I’m in the quest of striving a minimalist lifestyle, I love small houses/apartment, and here’s why:

  1. We love small house, cos we think we’re very ‘New York’ that way. Have you seen these beautiful space (see here, here, here & here) which hardly exceed 500 sqf? Small can be beautiful too.
  2. Small house = Less junk to keep. I’m planning to have just 1 built-in cabinets in the kitchen and the rest would be just loose furniture.
  3. With a small house, I’ll be able to do my own housekeeping and cleaning. Although sometimes amidst all the chaos & life’s little bits and piece, I’d wish I have some help. But mostly, I just feel blessed to be able to do it myself.
  4. Small home makes you crack your head to think of efficiency & flexibility whenever you’re thinking of buying furniture or any fittings at all.
  5. Less environmental impact. With a smaller home, less resources is required to build and less resources to maintain, which I think is generally beneficial to all of us.
  6. Small home = less expensive, whether it’s maintenance, utility bills or when it comes to taxes.

jordan-ferney-apartment-san-francisco-small-apartment-tips los-angeles-silverlake-house-tour-cupofjo-playroom-chalkboard-wall- Low-house-tour-living-room-cup-of-jo-4 tips-for-small-apartment-how-to-decorate-feel-bigger

Some of my favourite minimalist/small apartment design, all photo credit via A Cup of Jo. To read more of tips of living in small space, click here.






Long Weekend = Coffee.

Somehow this week, my news feed are filled with great articles on one of the things I can’t live without – Coffee. So, if you love coffee (as much as I do), I’d like to share these few fun read/view with you (and for my own keeping of course).

  1. This fun & quirky video on New Yorker’s dire need of caffeine.
  2. How to make cold brew coffee.
  3. Tips on how to make your morning cuppa better.
  4. If you fancy coffee flavored Popsicle.
  5. Best of all, more reason to have another cup.
  6. Fun comic facts of coffee by the Oatmeal.
  7. Bored with cappuccino and espresso? Here are 38 other ways to make your coffee.

“Coffee is more than just a beverage, it’s a culture” – James Casey

Happy ‘Thurs-yay’ everyone! I know it’s not Friday but who cares? We Malaysians have a long weekend ahead, so let’s try to do squeeze in some time to spread a little joy, love and kindness shall we? #prayfornepal #prayforbaltimore

Accidental Effect.

While putting Ju-Hann to sleep the other night, we did the usual: While he’s drinking his night time milk, we’ll usually put on lotion, mosquito spray, rub some vicks on his feet before putting the socks on. That night, I was in charge of the lotion while hubbs do the rest. Guess what happen? I made a ‘pretzel’ on the first squeeze of that pink bottle of j&j baby lotion.
It’s so pretty isn’t? Look at the smoothness, the baby-pink-cotton-candy colour, the perfect twisted shape. What I’m more amazed is how accidental it was. It’s perfect moment like this that you can’t measure with money or anything in the world for that matter.

My husband thinks I’m weird when I said I wanted to take a photo of this.

Fire Truck & ‘Pocee-nan’

2015-03-22 17.32
So besides dump truck, bulldozer and digger, my toddler is also very much into fire trucks. He had 5 of them at home, which we bought it really dirt cheap at Daiso. The other day, the hubbs decided to take a detour and drop by our neighborhood’s Fire Station, just to show our little guy the real thing. As we going around ‘inspecting’ fire trucks and taking photos, little did we know that the fireman and some officers are watching us from the building. 😛 Ohh well, we’re here to ‘educate’, so we weren’t really bothered and just casually roamed around. At first, Ju-Hann didn’t realized it was a fire truck, due to the sheer massive size of the truck, all he can is the tires and whatever that’s below his eye level. But as we walked further and he turned back, he was ‘awe-struck’ (again) and ecstatically go on ‘Wahh… fire truck… Wah….’

2015-03-22 17.342015-03-22 17.312015-03-22 17.36
Look at his expression! Crack us up everytime.

2015-03-22 17.40
It so happened that there’s a police station just right next to the fire station. So, we thought might as well drop by’. Ever since, he keeps saying ‘pocee-nan’ (policeman).  Too bad mommy was too pre-occupied ogling some really handsome looking desk officer that she forgot to take pics. Sigh.

2 Years Life as a Postgrad Student.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Yesterday, I handed in my 200 pages Thesis to OUM. It felt so darn good!! As I signed off the submission documents, I was a little emotional because these two years had been the most challenging years in my life. I have to juggle my role as a wife, mother, daughter and a student, at the same time try to keep my career flourish so that I do not fall behind. It had been an amazing and incredible journey & it wouldn’t have been possible without the support from the family, especially my husband & my mother.

I still have a final VIVA presentation to the external examiners before I can really wrapped up the whole thing, so wish me luck as I really hope to graduate this year!



Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK).

2015-04-19 17.58
I turn 28 this year & all I can say is I’m more blessed than I’d ever been in my life. So, before I hit the big 3, I’d like to devote some time to help those in need.
We had came across KSK (Kechara Soup Kitchen) back in 2012, it was a coincidence that we stumbled upon their newly opened soup kitchen in KL where we were hunting for printing shops for our wedding cards. We even manages to invite Dato’ Ruby Khong to raise awareness of KSK’s effort during our wedding dinner. Ohh… did I mention that we manage to raise about RM9k for charity funds during our wedding night. Not a big sum but I’m so proud that we did that.

So fast forward 3 years after our wedding and a two-year old toddler, and towards the completion of my MA, I finally told myself that it’s time for us to put in action what we’d always wanted to do. So here we are, trying to lend a helping hand to aid their mission to provide sustenance and basic medical care for the homeless and urban poor in Malaysia. What I love about KSK is their motto that states ‘Hungers knows no barrier’, which is the main guide for the organization to be non-religious, being mindful and respectful of others’ beliefs and no discrimination in terms of race, gender or culture, therefore serves only vegetarian soup.

If you want to know more about KSK and their long term mission to reduce the flow of homeless living on the streets, please log on to KSK official website. If you would like to volunteer on the food distribution, kindly visits their FB page for more information on their food distribution routes and schedule.

Mother of 2?

Today, I went to my ObG & took out the IUCD that I inserted in 2013. Am I ready for my second bundle of joy you’d ask. I’m not. Are we ready to go through the entire roller coaster ride again? All those sleepless night, trips to the ER and poop cleaning (while my firstborn’s not even diaper free yet!). I’m not, we’re not. But then again, we weren’t exactly ready for that puffball anyway. So, let’s see what God has instore for us.

{Pic taken on our trip back to Ipoh last weekend}

Why I Love (this) Friday.

…Because my grumpy hubbie actually greet me ‘Happy Fri-yay’ when I woke him up this morning, and also because I’m almost close to complete my thesis. I can’t wait for the day where I don’t need to grab hold of any moments available, open up my laptop & start typing away. There’ so much things I want to do but was put off due to study. Below are just bits of it:

  • Go for health screening & dental check… because it doesn’t matter if you have everything but not health.
  • Cook more… because cost of living is rising and we always need to save more, plus it’s more healthy when you eat at home.
  • Learn up Bentley and Revit… because we need to pace ourselves with technology. In my line of work, CAD & 3D Max is already considered old school.
  • Go for a short budget vacay… because we didn’t have one since we had Ju-Hann.
  • Join a Yoga class…. simply because I’d always wanted to but never got the chance.
  • Go back to Gym… because it’s been too long.
  • Read non-academic book… because I haven’t even complete one since I took up my MA.

Most importantly, I want to spend more time with these two and also our parents, because time will never take a U-turn, all you have is now. Happy Fri-yay everyone!

Why I love (this) Friday.

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Because it’s been a long week and I’m glad it’s over.

  • Hubbs was away for a short business trip,
  • & ‘coincidentally’ baby Ju fall sick. Damn those bugs who’d been lingering our home for the past few weeks.
  • My over-scheduled work load (because my boss is on long MC)
  • A hay mountain of drawings pending on my mailbox to vet
  • Accidentally discover that i ‘mis-read’ the spacing and font size requirement for my Thesis, which results to me have to painstakingly adjust it bit by bit (over 200 pages!).

So, would next week be better? I surely hope so.

{Thank God for this ‘Street Linx Airport’  that keep him entertained throughout the week.}


Why I love (this) Friday.

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It’s strange how much my mood can swing from one end to other. Yesterday, I felt like this. Today, somehow I recalled about the little blessings that I’ve encounter for the past month, and noted to myself that I should be content and grateful on this very Good Friday.

  • I forgot to switch off my electrical pot last night & it was left burning until hubbs switch it off. Thank God nothing drastic happen (Our neighbour once forgot to switch off her stove and her kitchen was caught on fire).
  • My previous lappie was crap and broke down a few times. The last time it happen I tried to reformate it and I accidently thought I’d deleted all my data. Fortunately, it was recovered & my company gave me a new replacement. So much better.
  • Ju-Hann knocked his head over the bridge at Gymboree the other day. Although u can see a tiny dent now, but it’s nothing damaging (I hope).
  • A colleague of mine fell sick (most probably from over-working and accumulated stress) and was admitted for emergency surgery. It made me realized that no work is worth sacrificing your family & health. Hubbs and I learn it the hard way, & we vowed to never take health and family for granted.
  • Hubb’s grandpa, who’s 90, underwent a surgery recently, and he’s as fit as before and the doc said he don’t even need to go through chemo. God indeed is working His miracle.

Happy Fri-yay everyone. I’m looking forward to watch ‘Taken 3’ with the hubbs tonight.
(P.S.: Have I mention that I’m in loved with Liam Neeson ever since I watch Schindler’s List?)

{Pic taken at Ju-Hann’s pre-school’s open day last Sun}