Why I love (this) Friday.

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It’s strange how much my mood can swing from one end to other. Yesterday, I felt like this. Today, somehow I recalled about the little blessings that I’ve encounter for the past month, and noted to myself that I should be content and grateful on this very Good Friday.

  • I forgot to switch off my electrical pot last night & it was left burning until hubbs switch it off. Thank God nothing drastic happen (Our neighbour once forgot to switch off her stove and her kitchen was caught on fire).
  • My previous lappie was crap and broke down a few times. The last time it happen I tried to reformate it and I accidently thought I’d deleted all my data. Fortunately, it was recovered & my company gave me a new replacement. So much better.
  • Ju-Hann knocked his head over the bridge at Gymboree the other day. Although u can see a tiny dent now, but it’s nothing damaging (I hope).
  • A colleague of mine fell sick (most probably from over-working and accumulated stress) and was admitted for emergency surgery. It made me realized that no work is worth sacrificing your family & health. Hubbs and I learn it the hard way, & we vowed to never take health and family for granted.
  • Hubb’s grandpa, who’s 90, underwent a surgery recently, and he’s as fit as before and the doc said he don’t even need to go through chemo. God indeed is working His miracle.

Happy Fri-yay everyone. I’m looking forward to watch ‘Taken 3’ with the hubbs tonight.
(P.S.: Have I mention that I’m in loved with Liam Neeson ever since I watch Schindler’s List?)

{Pic taken at Ju-Hann’s pre-school’s open day last Sun}


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