Why I Love (this) Friday.

…Because my grumpy hubbie actually greet me ‘Happy Fri-yay’ when I woke him up this morning, and also because I’m almost close to complete my thesis. I can’t wait for the day where I don’t need to grab hold of any moments available, open up my laptop & start typing away. There’ so much things I want to do but was put off due to study. Below are just bits of it:

  • Go for health screening & dental check… because it doesn’t matter if you have everything but not health.
  • Cook more… because cost of living is rising and we always need to save more, plus it’s more healthy when you eat at home.
  • Learn up Bentley and Revit… because we need to pace ourselves with technology. In my line of work, CAD & 3D Max is already considered old school.
  • Go for a short budget vacay… because we didn’t have one since we had Ju-Hann.
  • Join a Yoga class…. simply because I’d always wanted to but never got the chance.
  • Go back to Gym… because it’s been too long.
  • Read non-academic book… because I haven’t even complete one since I took up my MA.

Most importantly, I want to spend more time with these two and also our parents, because time will never take a U-turn, all you have is now. Happy Fri-yay everyone!


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