Fire Truck & ‘Pocee-nan’

2015-03-22 17.32
So besides dump truck, bulldozer and digger, my toddler is also very much into fire trucks. He had 5 of them at home, which we bought it really dirt cheap at Daiso. The other day, the hubbs decided to take a detour and drop by our neighborhood’s Fire Station, just to show our little guy the real thing. As we going around ‘inspecting’ fire trucks and taking photos, little did we know that the fireman and some officers are watching us from the building. 😛 Ohh well, we’re here to ‘educate’, so we weren’t really bothered and just casually roamed around. At first, Ju-Hann didn’t realized it was a fire truck, due to the sheer massive size of the truck, all he can is the tires and whatever that’s below his eye level. But as we walked further and he turned back, he was ‘awe-struck’ (again) and ecstatically go on ‘Wahh… fire truck… Wah….’

2015-03-22 17.342015-03-22 17.312015-03-22 17.36
Look at his expression! Crack us up everytime.

2015-03-22 17.40
It so happened that there’s a police station just right next to the fire station. So, we thought might as well drop by’. Ever since, he keeps saying ‘pocee-nan’ (policeman).  Too bad mommy was too pre-occupied ogling some really handsome looking desk officer that she forgot to take pics. Sigh.


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