On Small Home…

These few weeks we’ll be busy renovating our new home. It’s been a long whirlwind roller coaster ride, but I choose to believe that good things comes to those who wait… and trust me, we waited long enough. This place we’re moving in is not a lot bigger then where we used to live. Truth is, I’ve never like big houses. As I’m in the quest of striving a minimalist lifestyle, I love small houses/apartment, and here’s why:

  1. We love small house, cos we think we’re very ‘New York’ that way. Have you seen these beautiful space (see here, here, here & here) which hardly exceed 500 sqf? Small can be beautiful too.
  2. Small house = Less junk to keep. I’m planning to have just 1 built-in cabinets in the kitchen and the rest would be just loose furniture.
  3. With a small house, I’ll be able to do my own housekeeping and cleaning. Although sometimes amidst all the chaos & life’s little bits and piece, I’d wish I have some help. But mostly, I just feel blessed to be able to do it myself.
  4. Small home makes you crack your head to think of efficiency & flexibility whenever you’re thinking of buying furniture or any fittings at all.
  5. Less environmental impact. With a smaller home, less resources is required to build and less resources to maintain, which I think is generally beneficial to all of us.
  6. Small home = less expensive, whether it’s maintenance, utility bills or when it comes to taxes.

jordan-ferney-apartment-san-francisco-small-apartment-tips los-angeles-silverlake-house-tour-cupofjo-playroom-chalkboard-wall- Low-house-tour-living-room-cup-of-jo-4 tips-for-small-apartment-how-to-decorate-feel-bigger

Some of my favourite minimalist/small apartment design, all photo credit via A Cup of Jo. To read more of tips of living in small space, click here.







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