And so it Begins… Potty Training.

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I never really think hard or spend a long time researching on potty training, the do’s and dont’s simply because I told myself that I’m going to take it easy. Ju-Hann is a little slow in achieving his milestone so we’re not pressure to start potty training earlier on. But last Friday, it so happen that we have a long stretch of holiday, so I thought maybe we should give it a try.

As I was saying, I don’t want to feel pressure in potty training but boy was I wrong. Once you start the potty journey, it’s a lot harder than you imagine. We’d be waiting for him to pee in the potty before we head out, I would consciously watching him like a hawk to see if he’d pee, we tried bribing, scolding, sounding, consoling all at the same time. Poor kid is like living in a concentration camp. In conclusion, he feels pressured, I got stressed up, and the hubbs is getting inpatient.

It takes a lot of patients, perseverance and a child’s nature development to toilet training. Maybe we didn’t do it right, but we will do better. I reminded myself potty/toilet training is just a small small part in the entire parenthood journey. I need to learn to calm myself now so that I don’t turn into a basket case when he’s experiencing puberty, going through exams and start dating girls (please don’t remind me).

It’s funny isn’t parenting? There’s ups & there’s down. Like hubbs says, it’s ok to lose the battle sometimes, what’s important is we win the war at the end.

{Ever since his dad got him this dump truck, he refuse to part with it. Period.}


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