Design Discovered.

Last weekend, my bestie took me to yet another quaint, antiquated, charming little coffee place. Since we left college and started our working life, we’d meet up from time to time for coffee, where we spend hours talking about design, coffee and life. She’s my only friend that truly shares my passion for design and effortless lifestyle. So anyways, she brought me to this secluded place called Dr.Ink (pronounce as ‘drink’), which is really amazing. I love their sustainable natural design concept and what amazes me most is that the space actually accommodate 3 trades: F&B, merchandise retail and a design studio. I was ecstatic to find out the creator behind Nala Design (which their merchandise was sold there) is actually the designer for Big Group’s branding & visual art, which their design always made me go googoo-gaga over with.

You can tell I was so amazed that I forget to take any pictures, except this:
I love the tap’s custom-made sphere knob.

To read more about the origins of these amazing local artists, click here and here.

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