A good weekend consist of…

A pair of sore legs… that means I have manage to walk & work out a little.
A bowl of plain old oats… which taste so yum & healthy.
An unexpected trip at 2015 Brain Expo, by Enfagrow A+… I just let loose and let Ju-Hann drink all the milk he want, cos it’s free & I’m from Penang. 😛
A 90 mins walk at the park…and a sweaty toddler is so gratifying.
A super cheesy sandwich made by the hubbs… because it’s mother’s day.
A re-watch of desperate housewife S1… because it’s entertaining.
A whole lot of cooking & washing… because it’s time to be independent.

I capture bits & pieces of these little moments at my Instagram account, feel free to join me!



2 thoughts on “A good weekend consist of…

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  2. Pingback: Ju-Hann says a prayer. | Doting Design

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