Potty Training Progress.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

So after 2 weeks of attempting to potty train this kiddo, I’m quite happy with his progress thus far. Though he stills wear his diaper when we’re out & about, as well as during night time, hubbs & I are really glad that he knows how to tell us when he needs to ‘pee pee’. Of course, the phrase ‘Ju-Hann, do you wanna pee pee?’ or ‘ Let mommy knows when you want to pee pee okay?’ was converse every 10 minutes in the household.

Although we have a rough start, but when he get the idea of pee pee in the bathroom, my God, it’s glorious! I kid you not, we celebrate every pee session successfully conducted in the bathroom, with much enthusiasm & excitement I must say. The best part of this whole ordeal is that get to save mother earth by using less disposable diapers!

It has been a fun & challenging experience, now I think we need to move on to the poop part. Wish us luck!

{You know what he called this iconic architecture, which Malaysians held pride? – Corn. :P}


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