The Poop Story.

*Gross alert, read at your own risk*

So, as I mention, Ju-Hann had been getting the hang of letting us know when he wants to do a pee. So far so good. Now, prior to our great mission on potty training him, he will let us know when he ‘poo poo’. Most of the time, he will tell us that he wants to ‘poo poo’, but the poop will only come out half an hour later. So whenever he said he’s gonna poo, we’ll just ignore it until much later when he does it. Now that we had managed to ‘pee trained’ him (during the day), he somewhat don’t do his poo anymore in the daytime. We suspect that he’s fully aware that he’s not on diaper anymore, therefore he just keep it in only to release it when he’s sleeping or taking his nap. For the past 7 days, hubbs & I had been waking him up to change his diaper every night/midnight/wee hours in the morning, even though he had already poop during his afternoon nap! I kid you not, the amount of poop coming out from his tiny stomach is appalling! It frustrates me not just having to wake him up in his deep sleeps to change his diaper, the numbers of diaper that I save during the day time equate to the new ones I have to change for him at midnight.

Sigh… parenting. Well, at least I know he’s got good bowels and not withholding his poop which results in constipation like other kids. 

{Made him home-made berry smoothie, he spilled half of it while engrossed in watching Baymax. 😦 }


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