Ju-Hann goes to School.

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Last week, our little guy embark on his journey to preschool. It’s a huge change both for him & for us. Firstly, he was taken care by our near nanny since he was 2 months old. He get to sleep as much as he wants, eats home-made breads, delicious meals freshly prepared for him, gets all the attention and care as our nanny only takes care of him alone. For us, we now have to leave home at 6:45am every day, in order to drop him off to school before I drive to work.

As much as I hate to take him away from his comfort zone, knowing for sure he will be falling sick more often for the first few months, expecting lots of tantrums and emotional drama as a results of environment change, we know that this is the right move. Seeing pics of him having fun and socializing with other kids, I’m relieve and knows that all the sacrifice is worth it.

{He still cries every time we drop him off, but I’m relieve to see that he’s as happy as a chipmunk whenever we pick him up}

Why I love (this) Friday.

…because I presented my thesis to the VIVA panels and they are pretty satisfied with my work.
…because today, is the last day baby Ju will resides at his nanny’s place. That little puffballs will be a preschooler starting next week.
…because we managed to get the consent for the property owner to allow us to move in sooner, prior to the settlement of the whole purchase process.
…because hubbs will be home from his ‘mentoring retreat’ today.
…because I just can’t stop smiling for all the above!

I still remember 3 days ago, I was so feeling real sucky. While settling the new job & starting to prep myself for Ju-Hann’s schooling stuff, stuck in the traffic for 2 hours and knowing how the property that we’ve been waiting to move in might drag on for God knows how long. But then, today…. today is a good day. It’s amazing how things took a 360 degree turn when I decided to live in the moment and not worry so much of the future.

Thank you God for an amazing day.

{Yes, I bought him mini briefs. Gahh! My baby’s growing up too fast!!}




Today is June 18, it started out breezy, I was quite happy that I found a way to get to my new work place within an hour (yes, I’ve taken routes that took me 2 hours! I kid you not). I was pretty excited to continue my work on 3D modelling until…. I received this from my mom.

Shit. Shit. SHIT! I forgot about it… but then again, I’m pretty sure that he didn’t remember it too. 😛

So, thanks mom for being our real life calender, what we would do without you? & to my hubbie, Happy anni & make sure you get your arse back here asap & celebrate with me (yes, he’s away for business trip during our anni!)

A great date consist of…

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  • A yummylicious bowl of Har Mee (never though I’d find one that is as good as Penang’s)
  • Purchasing the ideal car booster after looking around for the past 3 months (& a fairly good price!)
  • Toy shopping at Daiso
  • Conversation over economics & politics over our lunch table
  • Collecting Ju-Hann’s pre-school’s uniform
  • Testing out all the sofa(s) at IKEA, only to reaffirm that Tidafors is ‘The One’, had been eyeing it for the past few year therefore we are pretty determine to save up & get it for our next home.
  • Visiting another prestigious project’s showroom by GL

(Another) New Job.

2 days into my new job & I am swamped with work! Gosh, I really need to buckle up and start picking up pieces that I left off 9 months ago. First off, my 3d skills had been rusty and I really really need to get back in tune with it. It didn’t help when my previous work files are not compatible with the current version that my workplace have. It’s been 9 months since I last contacted design and it felt strangely unfamiliar. I just need some time to get back on the horse.

I made this decision for the betterment of our family’s future. Better quality life, work life balance & most importantly to expose and challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone & learn things that are not within my realm of capability. So, Gambateh Juan, you can do this!


On going back to Design.

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So last Monday was my last day working at Mediconsult. It’s been a good 9 months, where I learn about lots of things about the healthcare industry and medical planning. I have Caroline alot to thank for, for she had guided me and taught me so much about healthcare facility planning. I took up this job because I thought I’d give myself a try as medical planner was a niche profession. Guys from JKR told us that there’re only about 10 medical planners nationwide & Caroline was one of them. I’d always thought that designing hospital is very noble compare to other projects, heck I even wrote my thesis about healthcare design. However, I think there are some setbacks within the country’s mentality, regulation and procurement system that makes it really challenging for planners and designers to produce good design.

Being a firm believer that design can make a difference in human’s daily life. unfortunately it is rather difficult to inject design in healthcare project, especially in government hospitals. That’s when it prompted me to scrutinize on my MA thesis on evidence-based design and healing environment. There’s too much red tape, rigid regulations that prohibits constructive ideas that can better enhance the environment that could potentially provide better care for patients and hospital staffs. Especially for D&B project, contractors are all about cost saving in order to yield higher profit.

The design itself are very much generic. because everything follow by the book/manual/regulation. It’s difficult to break the mold and try something new, because it will cost more time & money. Not to mention, healthcare facility’s construction takes a long time. A small scale 100 beds hospitals takes a minimum of 3 years from design to final construction and the process involves a series of T&C, TLA before it can be handover.

Nevertheless, it’s been a really great learning experience and I wouldn’t have chosen any other ways. I sincerely hope that one day, tides will turn and local hospital will be designed the way it is deserves, and not just about politics affiliation and yielding profits.

{Part of my job includes printing, folding, organizing and compile thousands of drawings/documents for submission}


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Yesterday, while at date with the hubs, we drop by Daiso just to pick up a few items, we end up buying ju-hann RM45 worth of toys. Somehow that Daiso outlet has a wide array of miniature vehicles/transportion. Hubbs & I spend a good 20 minutes kneeling there trying to hand pick a full set of choo choo train for the little one. Funny thing is, while doing that, we said to ourselves: ‘Gosh, the things we do as parents’.

So, we end up with these….. We kept most of it, only show him the train. Needless to say, his reaction was priceless.

Few Favourite Things – June 2015

My short hair… because it uses less shampoo and it dries faster.

Healthy eating regime – this includes a handful of vege & fruits intake.

This foundation… because I had not been using foundation for a long time, forgot how it can do magic to my skin.

This new addition to my collection… because I love Richard Templer’s book.

This emblem…. because my baby’s growing up.

Itchy spider?

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Ju-Hann had been talking a lot and along the way, there’s no one bit moment where we didn’t laugh our head off listening to what he have to say. Sometimes it can get pretty frustrating not knowing what he’s trying to say, but most of the time, we had fun.

  • Since he cannot pronounce properly the alphabet ‘L’ & ‘S’. So here are a few fun words…pocee (police), quat (squat), noopy (snoopy).
  • These days… whenever we pick him up from the nanny, he’ll say ‘Hey mommy’ or ‘Hey dada’ nonchalantly.
  • Occasionally, he just decide to cut the short the words: maca (for macaroni), mato for (tomato)
  • Sometimes, he misbehave and he knows that we’re angry with him, he’ll say things like: ‘Ju-Hann naughty, huh? No milk milk, no airport, no dumptruck’. (cos that’s what we say when he’s naughty.) It’s so so funny that most of the time we try so hard not to laugh but to no avail.
  • But best of all, ‘itsy bitsy spider’ – to which he pronounce as ‘itchy bai’, ‘itchy spider’, or ‘itchy bitchy spider’. :p

 Happy Fri-yay everyone!

French Fire Truck!

Last weekend, we stumbled upon this lovely french cafe while we took Ju-Hann to meet his idol. This newly opened cafe called Yeast serves French breakfast & trust me when I said I had the most delicious croissant, though it cost a bomb! The ambiance, the background music and the olfactory will transport you to the little corner of Parisian sidewalk cafe. Though I personally thought the interior can be improved, we really enjoyed the entire experience.

As we sat down, the waitress kindly hand Ju-Hann a cup of coloured pencil to keep him occupied, I quickly ask for paper and she pointed the table ‘cloth’, which was actually mahjong paper. What a brilliant idea! Without hesitant, Ju-Hann’s face lit up & he happily doodle on the paper while we order. Momentarily, a sweet young waitress was so charmed by that little kiddo that she actually approach Ju-Hann and ask what was he drawing, and that maybe she can draw something for him, like a flower, ball or a tree? Immediately Ju-Hann said: ‘Draw fire truck! and rubbish lorry!’ She was dumbfounded & start laughing away….

In the end, the hubbs spend most of the time drawing perfect sketch of fire trucks & other of his favourite vehicles, and he quietly watches/admires it. Our mothers enjoyed the meal and I think it’s time for me to brush up my hand drawing skills (I’m only good at using the mouse & keypad!)

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