French Fire Truck!

Last weekend, we stumbled upon this lovely french cafe while we took Ju-Hann to meet his idol. This newly opened cafe called Yeast serves French breakfast & trust me when I said I had the most delicious croissant, though it cost a bomb! The ambiance, the background music and the olfactory will transport you to the little corner of Parisian sidewalk cafe. Though I personally thought the interior can be improved, we really enjoyed the entire experience.

As we sat down, the waitress kindly hand Ju-Hann a cup of coloured pencil to keep him occupied, I quickly ask for paper and she pointed the table ‘cloth’, which was actually mahjong paper. What a brilliant idea! Without hesitant, Ju-Hann’s face lit up & he happily doodle on the paper while we order. Momentarily, a sweet young waitress was so charmed by that little kiddo that she actually approach Ju-Hann and ask what was he drawing, and that maybe she can draw something for him, like a flower, ball or a tree? Immediately Ju-Hann said: ‘Draw fire truck! and rubbish lorry!’ She was dumbfounded & start laughing away….

In the end, the hubbs spend most of the time drawing perfect sketch of fire trucks & other of his favourite vehicles, and he quietly watches/admires it. Our mothers enjoyed the meal and I think it’s time for me to brush up my hand drawing skills (I’m only good at using the mouse & keypad!)

IMG_20150601_095253 IMG_20150601_095326 IMG_20150601_095738 IMG_20150602_135041
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


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