Itchy spider?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Ju-Hann had been talking a lot and along the way, there’s no one bit moment where we didn’t laugh our head off listening to what he have to say. Sometimes it can get pretty frustrating not knowing what he’s trying to say, but most of the time, we had fun.

  • Since he cannot pronounce properly the alphabet ‘L’ & ‘S’. So here are a few fun words…pocee (police), quat (squat), noopy (snoopy).
  • These days… whenever we pick him up from the nanny, he’ll say ‘Hey mommy’ or ‘Hey dada’ nonchalantly.
  • Occasionally, he just decide to cut the short the words: maca (for macaroni), mato for (tomato)
  • Sometimes, he misbehave and he knows that we’re angry with him, he’ll say things like: ‘Ju-Hann naughty, huh? No milk milk, no airport, no dumptruck’. (cos that’s what we say when he’s naughty.) It’s so so funny that most of the time we try so hard not to laugh but to no avail.
  • But best of all, ‘itsy bitsy spider’ – to which he pronounce as ‘itchy bai’, ‘itchy spider’, or ‘itchy bitchy spider’. :p

 Happy Fri-yay everyone!


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