On going back to Design.

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So last Monday was my last day working at Mediconsult. It’s been a good 9 months, where I learn about lots of things about the healthcare industry and medical planning. I have Caroline alot to thank for, for she had guided me and taught me so much about healthcare facility planning. I took up this job because I thought I’d give myself a try as medical planner was a niche profession. Guys from JKR told us that there’re only about 10 medical planners nationwide & Caroline was one of them. I’d always thought that designing hospital is very noble compare to other projects, heck I even wrote my thesis about healthcare design. However, I think there are some setbacks within the country’s mentality, regulation and procurement system that makes it really challenging for planners and designers to produce good design.

Being a firm believer that design can make a difference in human’s daily life. unfortunately it is rather difficult to inject design in healthcare project, especially in government hospitals. That’s when it prompted me to scrutinize on my MA thesis on evidence-based design and healing environment. There’s too much red tape, rigid regulations that prohibits constructive ideas that can better enhance the environment that could potentially provide better care for patients and hospital staffs. Especially for D&B project, contractors are all about cost saving in order to yield higher profit.

The design itself are very much generic. because everything follow by the book/manual/regulation. It’s difficult to break the mold and try something new, because it will cost more time & money. Not to mention, healthcare facility’s construction takes a long time. A small scale 100 beds hospitals takes a minimum of 3 years from design to final construction and the process involves a series of T&C, TLA before it can be handover.

Nevertheless, it’s been a really great learning experience and I wouldn’t have chosen any other ways. I sincerely hope that one day, tides will turn and local hospital will be designed the way it is deserves, and not just about politics affiliation and yielding profits.

{Part of my job includes printing, folding, organizing and compile thousands of drawings/documents for submission}


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