Why I love (this) Friday.

…because I presented my thesis to the VIVA panels and they are pretty satisfied with my work.
…because today, is the last day baby Ju will resides at his nanny’s place. That little puffballs will be a preschooler starting next week.
…because we managed to get the consent for the property owner to allow us to move in sooner, prior to the settlement of the whole purchase process.
…because hubbs will be home from his ‘mentoring retreat’ today.
…because I just can’t stop smiling for all the above!

I still remember 3 days ago, I was so feeling real sucky. While settling the new job & starting to prep myself for Ju-Hann’s schooling stuff, stuck in the traffic for 2 hours and knowing how the property that we’ve been waiting to move in might drag on for God knows how long. But then, today…. today is a good day. It’s amazing how things took a 360 degree turn when I decided to live in the moment and not worry so much of the future.

Thank you God for an amazing day.

{Yes, I bought him mini briefs. Gahh! My baby’s growing up too fast!!}




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