JH’s First Field Trip!

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Last week, Ju-Hann attended his first school trip to an organic farm in Bangi. It was such an experience as I realized that my little guy is such a city boy that will fuzz over mud and gravels. He can’t even walk barefoot for more than 20 minutes! Note to myself. Need to let him have more outdoor activities!

Wefie at the bus. What's with the expression Ju?

Wefie at the bus. What’s with the expression Ju?

Yupe, he definitely enjoyed the bus ride!

Yupe, he definitely enjoyed the bus ride!

Guess who got all excited with the farm tractor?

Guess who got all excited with the farm tractor?

Finally, after the whole ordeal, the kids get to drink refreshing organic sugar cane juice. Look at how drenched he is!
Finally, after the whole ordeal, the kids get to drink refreshing organic sugar cane juice. Look at how drenched he is!

The part he enjoyed most!

The part he enjoyed most!



A different kind of Friday.

Happy Fri-yay everyone! Our boss gave us a off day as we had pull an all nighter last weekend rushing for some presentation. So here I am, typing this while sipping my cappuccino in a perfect weathered Friday. The past week had been a hectic one, as both hubbs & I were demanded a lot at work. Thus, our week just drift past with humongous stress, traffic jam and late nights, not to mentioned that stupid bug still lingers and JH is back with his flu. Sigh…

3 months into my new job, and I had never been more stressful. Stress and anxiety not because of work, but more of stress having to split myself between my role as an employee and a mother. It’s tough, especially when works are constantly piled in, and the never ending deadlines. Exactly how do we divide our time as parent and as a professional? Can we be really advance in our career while give the best to our child? The answer is no, well to me at least. The truth is, when you want to be great, you need to invest a lot of time and effort in order to be able to focus on your job to do it well. We’re doing the best we can Ju-Hann, he needs to learn that money does not grows on trees and mommy and daddy works real hard to ensure that he will have good education. Yes, spending time with your kids is important but to chase our career and take full care of him, something’s gotta give.

Dear Ju-Hann, when u’re old enough to read this, I want you to know these:

  • When you stayed late at the nursery, please know that dada’s probably stuck in the meeting with his bosses and team mates.
  • If you often wonder why you constantly hanging out at dada’s office, that’s because we’re waiting for the traffic to ease off, so that we don’t get stuck on the road for hours.
  • During those weekends when you wonder why mommy’s away, that’s because mommy needs to work extra time to rush for presentation deadlines.
  • Those moments when you wonder why we asked you to play on your own, that’s because we need to complete house chores or preparing meals.

It does seem like we’re taking priority of our careers over you, but trust me son, we did it because we want a better future for you. I can’t promise you my full attention at all times, but I will promise too seize quality moments of connections and relationship building with the little pieces of time we spend together.

Motivation to wake up.

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Every morning, baby Ju have to wake up at 6:15am and get ready to school. So, just like all the other kids, he would laze around when I wake him up: Eye shuts, body curled up to the side. The last week, I notice whenever I said, ‘Wake up baby, time to go to school.’, he will suddenly open his eyes wide awake, look at me and said, ‘School?!’ and jump right up and ask me to carry him out of the crib. At first, I though it was just coincidence, however, after a week, whenever I said the magic word ‘school’, he’ll jump right up and get going with his routine: brush his teeth, change into his uniform and get his school bag, ready to go.

It could be that he just misses his school after a week absent from it, but still it’s such a cute notion that school is his motivation to wake up. I hope this stays for as long as it can.

{This was taken 2 weeks ago when he was not well, yupe, this little guy of ours sleeps in weird positions}

The sun, the grass and the preschooler.

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Yesterday, after dropping us off, hubbs went straight to the office, my watch shows 7:35am. Instead of going to our usual breakfast place, I thought we could just hang around the park before sending the little guy to school. I ask him if he’d like to sit on the bench under the tress, he nodded and say yes. So here we are, having our light breakfast, playing with construction machines, watch this beautiful video of his current favourite song.

The weather was glorious, the grass seams gleaming with shine after a good rain the night before, & the sight of my kid running about, well & healthy, I felt deeply content just to experience these sights for a few minutes. The thing is, the past few days had been rather hectic. Hubbs was under the weather, our careers requires more & more of our time. Our flexibility were practically limited by Ju-Hann’s school/daycare schedule. It’s very tiring and challenging to juggle it all, and therefore, it is sometimes very easy for us to lose sight of how blessed and lucky we are at most times. When I feel slumpy at a bad day, I just remind myself that it’s just one bad day, while other days had been so blessed and joyful.

I learned that happiness is in fact a daily commitment, & you might not be able to control the traffic, or your boss’s mood, but you can try to make the best of it. After all, life is made of ups & downs ain’t it?
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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Why I Love (this) Friday.

…because finally Ju-Hann goes back to school. After 4 long days of resting and recovering from his awful cough/flu/fever, finally he is well enough to go to school.  I always laments about how tiring and arduous to go through every morning with a growing up toddler, who’s moods are often erratic and unpredictable. However after 4 long days of going to work without him, I really really miss having him around, with his cheekiness, mischievous act, and totally just being a nutty head. I take it for granted that being active/cheeky/puckish is such a blessing, because that means he’s well, healthy and stimulating his way to learn new things everyday!

Here, we are having breakfast at our favorite cafe called DIB (Deaf-in-Business). It’s actually run by a group of deaf employees where the cafe provides opportunity for them to be independent and self support. Even though the food is not top notch, we feel good being able to support them in ways that we can.

Thank you, Caroline.

It’s been almost 2 months since I left my ex company & the thing I misses most is my boss. Thank you Caroline, for all that you’ve taught me to be better. I hope our path will cross again and wish all the best in whatever you do. Below is a little note that she wrote to me on my last day of work. image002
Dear Codellia,

Thank you for the beautiful card you left on my desk. From the first time we’ve met during your interview, you’ve left a great impression on me. At such a young age, your dedication, poise and commitment shines through and you’ve proven to be such a great asset to Mediconsult. You’ve made my job so much easier for the past 10 months. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say thank you, for being part of the team. Do forgive me for any shortcomings during your tenure here, and I wish you well the very best in your new career. Continue to chase your dreams and blaze the trail, girl.


Few Favourite Things – July 2015

These precious artwork… because I know my baby’s learning new things everyday.

These sachets, because it detox all that junk that I take the day before, and it its refreshingly to have in the morning before I start work.

These chunky sticks, because it’s quick & easy to apply on my morning rush, while giving me me a polished look.

This book, because I can relate to my own working attitude and ethics.

This huge tote, because I can dump almost anything into it: milk bottle, snacks, documents, miniature & (big) machinery toy car, detail drawings and etc.

This ipad casing, because we got it dirt cheap at a local stall and it made our Ipad more travelling friendly.

Parenting on the Go.

If you’ve been following our journey as JH attended preschool, you should know that we spend a lot of time in the car and at the office. Though it is much easier to just let him play with educational apps from the IPAD or watch BOB the Builder on my smart phone, I’d always try to steer him away from it, especially after you’ve read this. I try to keep the little one occupied with his trucks and cars, picture books and even a set of colouring materials for doodling but I end of drawing it most of the time. The truth is, JH had outgrown these stuff, especially since he started school. So the other day I grab these from the bookstore, and hopefully we can make better use of our time while waiting/travelling!