Why I Love (this) Friday.

…because finally Ju-Hann goes back to school. After 4 long days of resting and recovering from his awful cough/flu/fever, finally he is well enough to go to school.  I always laments about how tiring and arduous to go through every morning with a growing up toddler, who’s moods are often erratic and unpredictable. However after 4 long days of going to work without him, I really really miss having him around, with his cheekiness, mischievous act, and totally just being a nutty head. I take it for granted that being active/cheeky/puckish is such a blessing, because that means he’s well, healthy and stimulating his way to learn new things everyday!

Here, we are having breakfast at our favorite cafe called DIB (Deaf-in-Business). It’s actually run by a group of deaf employees where the cafe provides opportunity for them to be independent and self support. Even though the food is not top notch, we feel good being able to support them in ways that we can.


2 thoughts on “Why I Love (this) Friday.

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