A different kind of Friday.

Happy Fri-yay everyone! Our boss gave us a off day as we had pull an all nighter last weekend rushing for some presentation. So here I am, typing this while sipping my cappuccino in a perfect weathered Friday. The past week had been a hectic one, as both hubbs & I were demanded a lot at work. Thus, our week just drift past with humongous stress, traffic jam and late nights, not to mentioned that stupid bug still lingers and JH is back with his flu. Sigh…

3 months into my new job, and I had never been more stressful. Stress and anxiety not because of work, but more of stress having to split myself between my role as an employee and a mother. It’s tough, especially when works are constantly piled in, and the never ending deadlines. Exactly how do we divide our time as parent and as a professional? Can we be really advance in our career while give the best to our child? The answer is no, well to me at least. The truth is, when you want to be great, you need to invest a lot of time and effort in order to be able to focus on your job to do it well. We’re doing the best we can Ju-Hann, he needs to learn that money does not grows on trees and mommy and daddy works real hard to ensure that he will have good education. Yes, spending time with your kids is important but to chase our career and take full care of him, something’s gotta give.

Dear Ju-Hann, when u’re old enough to read this, I want you to know these:

  • When you stayed late at the nursery, please know that dada’s probably stuck in the meeting with his bosses and team mates.
  • If you often wonder why you constantly hanging out at dada’s office, that’s because we’re waiting for the traffic to ease off, so that we don’t get stuck on the road for hours.
  • During those weekends when you wonder why mommy’s away, that’s because mommy needs to work extra time to rush for presentation deadlines.
  • Those moments when you wonder why we asked you to play on your own, that’s because we need to complete house chores or preparing meals.

It does seem like we’re taking priority of our careers over you, but trust me son, we did it because we want a better future for you. I can’t promise you my full attention at all times, but I will promise too seize quality moments of connections and relationship building with the little pieces of time we spend together.


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