Minimalist Lifestyle – Face Stuff

As I’m creeping towards my late 20s, I notice that I had cut down my skincare regime and beauty products immensely. Just last week, hubbs made me threw away make up that I had own since my Uni years. Most of them were quite worn out and were just sitting there in the dresser. These days, I yearn for organic and multi function skincare, as well as fuss-free, simple make up look. Occasionally I would put on heavy make up for functions and events, however on normal days, I prefers to keep my appearance as natural as possible. I wasn’t always this way though, during my college and Uni years, I had lots of fondness towards make up, intrigue with things like bronzer, stick foundation, liquid illumination or elaborated brow kit.

10 years out, I still use make up, however I’ve become pickier about what I put on my face, as well as the preference to simplify the process, after all I believe that natural is beauty. As I grow older and more mature, my desire to live long healthy life triumphs vanity. In my quest towards minimalist and sustainable living, I hate to accumulate too much make up or skincare which will eventually cease its expiry dates. I’m glad that my dresser now contains the below collection that I’m pretty contented with. IMG_20150919_155402
IMG_20150919_154711 IMG_20150919_154844 IMG_20150919_155050


What I learned from Medical Planning.

Had been back to design job for almost 3 months now and so far it has challenge me heaps, compared to my previous profession as a medical planner. That 9 months duration had been a good learning ground for me, and I realized that it had made me a better designer in certain ways, as follows:

  1. Being more meticulous than I already am.
  2. Learned the skills of Ms Excel.
  3. Space Planning.
  4. Coordination (tonnes of M&E services & Medical Equipment coordination).
  5. Meet people from a wide array of profession, including KKM & JKR.
  6. Experience all the formalities when it comes to communication, presentation and submission.
  7. Loaded manual. If you think ID specification is detailed, wait till you compile a full set of specification for a 400-beds teaching hospital.
  8. Learn about architectural regulation, MS standards, M&E details.

So there you go… medical planning in a very niche & honorable profession, and I’m glad I was given the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the field.



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So I graduated last weekend, Woohoo! Such a long and hard journey, I’m glad it all went well. Truth to be told, it was one of the hardest 2 years in my life, having to juggle my time as a full time working mom, not to mention the struggle of going through difficult times and losing my loved ones in between, you can read about it here, here and here. I have been receiving lots of praises, compliments and warm wishes from friends and family, but truth to be told, I wouldn’t have made it without the people who have supported me in many ways. Instead of going for a feast to celebrate my achievement, I would like to celebrate the people who helped me made it happen.

To my mom, thank you for always being so supportive in whatever I do in life. From the moment I told you I wanted to take up interior design course, you had never once reject or tried to persuade me to do otherwise. When I told you I’m taking up my Masters, you devoted your time and flew down every fortnightly to help me take care of Ju-Hann, allowing me the peace of mind to attend classes. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.

To my husband, thank you for your unconditional encouragement and support during my 2 years as a student, I know I had been a horrible wife sometimes. Thank you for your patience and understanding when I need to sacrifice our date nights in order to finish my assignments. Thank you for helping me with my assignments, driving me to class, and waited for me till I finish class, and calm me down during my many meltdowns episodes. Thank you for taking your day off and spend the day helping me to distribute questionnaire for my thesis. My achievement is as much as your as well.

To my mama, thank you for making me chicken soup whenever my exam is near. Although you have doubts whether I can cope with my study being a newborn mom, you had been helping me with chores and prepare us meals which takes a huge load off my shoulder.

To Madam Lu, thank you for your help during my final thesis. I wouldn’t be able to complete Chapter IV if it weren’t for you.

To Ju-Hann’s babysitter, thank you for taking care of Ju-Hann during those Saturdays when I needed to attend classes or finished up my assignments.

Lastly, to my dearest Ju-Hann, thank your for being my biggest inspiration and motivation. I want you to always remember that no matter what you do, always do it with passion. With a handful of determination, perseverance, coupled with humility, the sky is the limit.
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New Job Perks!

So following my change of career, I had been on my new job for the past 3 months and despite the stress and challenges that I encountered, the job comes with lots of perks as well. Here are 5 perks that I could come out with.

  1. My current employer provides me a high performance rendering workstation, as well as a rendering laptop, so I can work outside office anytime. I always believe that efficiency comes with the machines and tools that are able to perform at the optimum level.
  2. We have a pantry full of food at all times. Instead of junk foods (which I loathe), they stock up healthy foods like fresh milk, fruits, savoury crackers, soy milk, yoghurt and etc. Ohh, our employer subsidize our lunch as well!
  3. As a small boutique firm, it’s important that we work together in an intimate circle that are willing to go the extra miles and be dedicated towards the job. Instead of who’s in charge of what projects, we work as a team and put our company’s reputation as priority. It’s really motivating and I couldn’t ask for better team mates.
  4. We have a conducive working environment, it just feels like home.
  5. …and last but not least, we get to work on crazy amazing projects, which is the best thing of all, in my opinion.

That said, with all the privileges and benefits, we all worked really really hard. When you’re in a small team, it in important that everyone gives that 101% to ensure each projects achieves the deliverable, and most importantly to satisfy our clients. I hope I can learn more and be better!

Snuggling Sunday.

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This afternoon, JH woke up early from his nap. As I was feeling a little lethargoc rom all the house chores, I ask if he wants to hang out in mommy’s room so that I might steal some moments for a shut eye (hubbs was rushing for his assignment so I didn’t want to bother him). Immediately he climbed up to our bed and start to make himself comfortable. We spend the next hour snuggling and cuddling, while filling each other with hugs and kisses. What top it all was he keep saying ‘I love you mommy ‘, ‘Ju-Hann sayang mommy’. Lying face to face, I observe how he has this little dimple on his top cheek whenever he smiles, and how his eyes got squinted when he laugh out loud, or that his eyebrows twitches whenever he make a silly face. Although I spend everyday with him before and after school, I was too busy/stressed or preoccupied to notice these little details. He will be turning 3 next month and I had watched him grow from a tiny peanut to a fine active preschooler that he is now. I’m just so thankful for this gift that God has given me.

Don’t grow up too fast my little Ju-Hann, mommy can’t catch up with time.

Monthly Personal Goal – September 2015


  1. Cut down food waste.
    Due to our unstable schedule due to work, traffic, I’d always make sure I have food in my bags, ready to feed JH whenever we were caught with work & traffic, which results to lots of food getting thrown when they goes bad. I feel really guilty about this. Hence, this goal would be the top of my list this month.
  2. Design our new home.
    This time round, hubbs and I agree that we should spend a little more time in designing our new home. The last round, I was hevily preganant, hence we didn’t put much thought about it. I can’t wait!
  3. Housekeeping.
    In our daily effort to a minimalised living, I can’t help but notice how much stuff with have in our tiny home!  Prior to house moving, I think it would be a great time to cut down our material stuff and donate it to the people who needed it more than us.
  4. Put more effort in planning my work wear.
    As every morning’s a mad rush, sometimes I just grab a loose shirt and a leggings to work. Although my work place does not impose formal work wear,  by dressing down sometimes just puts you in low spirits, especially when you have a bad day.
  5. Read more to JH.
    JH had started school for 2 months now and I take for granted that he’d had plenty of activities that are able to fused his learning ability. The books in his little shelve had been collecting dust and I  don’t think that’s a good idea. My goal is to spend at least 1 hour on sat and sun to read to him, perhaps throwing some writting lessons too?

{Ju-Hann’s new found hobby – Flying the kite!}