Monthly Personal Goal – September 2015


  1. Cut down food waste.
    Due to our unstable schedule due to work, traffic, I’d always make sure I have food in my bags, ready to feed JH whenever we were caught with work & traffic, which results to lots of food getting thrown when they goes bad. I feel really guilty about this. Hence, this goal would be the top of my list this month.
  2. Design our new home.
    This time round, hubbs and I agree that we should spend a little more time in designing our new home. The last round, I was hevily preganant, hence we didn’t put much thought about it. I can’t wait!
  3. Housekeeping.
    In our daily effort to a minimalised living, I can’t help but notice how much stuff with have in our tiny home!  Prior to house moving, I think it would be a great time to cut down our material stuff and donate it to the people who needed it more than us.
  4. Put more effort in planning my work wear.
    As every morning’s a mad rush, sometimes I just grab a loose shirt and a leggings to work. Although my work place does not impose formal work wear,  by dressing down sometimes just puts you in low spirits, especially when you have a bad day.
  5. Read more to JH.
    JH had started school for 2 months now and I take for granted that he’d had plenty of activities that are able to fused his learning ability. The books in his little shelve had been collecting dust and I  don’t think that’s a good idea. My goal is to spend at least 1 hour on sat and sun to read to him, perhaps throwing some writting lessons too?

{Ju-Hann’s new found hobby – Flying the kite!}




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