New Job Perks!

So following my change of career, I had been on my new job for the past 3 months and despite the stress and challenges that I encountered, the job comes with lots of perks as well. Here are 5 perks that I could come out with.

  1. My current employer provides me a high performance rendering workstation, as well as a rendering laptop, so I can work outside office anytime. I always believe that efficiency comes with the machines and tools that are able to perform at the optimum level.
  2. We have a pantry full of food at all times. Instead of junk foods (which I loathe), they stock up healthy foods like fresh milk, fruits, savoury crackers, soy milk, yoghurt and etc. Ohh, our employer subsidize our lunch as well!
  3. As a small boutique firm, it’s important that we work together in an intimate circle that are willing to go the extra miles and be dedicated towards the job. Instead of who’s in charge of what projects, we work as a team and put our company’s reputation as priority. It’s really motivating and I couldn’t ask for better team mates.
  4. We have a conducive working environment, it just feels like home.
  5. …and last but not least, we get to work on crazy amazing projects, which is the best thing of all, in my opinion.

That said, with all the privileges and benefits, we all worked really really hard. When you’re in a small team, it in important that everyone gives that 101% to ensure each projects achieves the deliverable, and most importantly to satisfy our clients. I hope I can learn more and be better!


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