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So I graduated last weekend, Woohoo! Such a long and hard journey, I’m glad it all went well. Truth to be told, it was one of the hardest 2 years in my life, having to juggle my time as a full time working mom, not to mention the struggle of going through difficult times and losing my loved ones in between, you can read about it here, here and here. I have been receiving lots of praises, compliments and warm wishes from friends and family, but truth to be told, I wouldn’t have made it without the people who have supported me in many ways. Instead of going for a feast to celebrate my achievement, I would like to celebrate the people who helped me made it happen.

To my mom, thank you for always being so supportive in whatever I do in life. From the moment I told you I wanted to take up interior design course, you had never once reject or tried to persuade me to do otherwise. When I told you I’m taking up my Masters, you devoted your time and flew down every fortnightly to help me take care of Ju-Hann, allowing me the peace of mind to attend classes. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.

To my husband, thank you for your unconditional encouragement and support during my 2 years as a student, I know I had been a horrible wife sometimes. Thank you for your patience and understanding when I need to sacrifice our date nights in order to finish my assignments. Thank you for helping me with my assignments, driving me to class, and waited for me till I finish class, and calm me down during my many meltdowns episodes. Thank you for taking your day off and spend the day helping me to distribute questionnaire for my thesis. My achievement is as much as your as well.

To my mama, thank you for making me chicken soup whenever my exam is near. Although you have doubts whether I can cope with my study being a newborn mom, you had been helping me with chores and prepare us meals which takes a huge load off my shoulder.

To Madam Lu, thank you for your help during my final thesis. I wouldn’t be able to complete Chapter IV if it weren’t for you.

To Ju-Hann’s babysitter, thank you for taking care of Ju-Hann during those Saturdays when I needed to attend classes or finished up my assignments.

Lastly, to my dearest Ju-Hann, thank your for being my biggest inspiration and motivation. I want you to always remember that no matter what you do, always do it with passion. With a handful of determination, perseverance, coupled with humility, the sky is the limit.
Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


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