What I learned from Medical Planning.

Had been back to design job for almost 3 months now and so far it has challenge me heaps, compared to my previous profession as a medical planner. That 9 months duration had been a good learning ground for me, and I realized that it had made me a better designer in certain ways, as follows:

  1. Being more meticulous than I already am.
  2. Learned the skills of Ms Excel.
  3. Space Planning.
  4. Coordination (tonnes of M&E services & Medical Equipment coordination).
  5. Meet people from a wide array of profession, including KKM & JKR.
  6. Experience all the formalities when it comes to communication, presentation and submission.
  7. Loaded manual. If you think ID specification is detailed, wait till you compile a full set of specification for a 400-beds teaching hospital.
  8. Learn about architectural regulation, MS standards, M&E details.

So there you go… medical planning in a very niche & honorable profession, and I’m glad I was given the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the field.



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