Minimalist Lifestyle – Face Stuff

As I’m creeping towards my late 20s, I notice that I had cut down my skincare regime and beauty products immensely. Just last week, hubbs made me threw away make up that I had own since my Uni years. Most of them were quite worn out and were just sitting there in the dresser. These days, I yearn for organic and multi function skincare, as well as fuss-free, simple make up look. Occasionally I would put on heavy make up for functions and events, however on normal days, I prefers to keep my appearance as natural as possible. I wasn’t always this way though, during my college and Uni years, I had lots of fondness towards make up, intrigue with things like bronzer, stick foundation, liquid illumination or elaborated brow kit.

10 years out, I still use make up, however I’ve become pickier about what I put on my face, as well as the preference to simplify the process, after all I believe that natural is beauty. As I grow older and more mature, my desire to live long healthy life triumphs vanity. In my quest towards minimalist and sustainable living, I hate to accumulate too much make up or skincare which will eventually cease its expiry dates. I’m glad that my dresser now contains the below collection that I’m pretty contented with. IMG_20150919_155402
IMG_20150919_154711 IMG_20150919_154844 IMG_20150919_155050


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