Baby No. 2

Today, we found out that we’re pregnant, that’s after making confirmation with me peed on two sticks.

I’m excited and scared at the same time. JH and baby no. 2 will be almost 4 years apart. I wonder how this little knucklehead will get the idea that he now have to share both mommy & dada with someone else. Anyway things are all good at the moment, and there’s nothing more that I’d hope for baby No. 2, which is to grow up healthily in my belly.

And… we’re moving!

IMG_20151023_103934Finally, after a year acquiring the property and a long delayed process, we got our keys a month and a half ago, and now we’re almost ready to move in.

I know it’s gonna be an emotional hurdle for not just for us, but for JH, who’d live here his whole life! No matter how much materials I read in preparation for the move for little Ju-Hann, we know it’s not gonna be easy for him to go through the transition.  It’s strange to think this house will be someone else’s home, or that someone will repaint all the walls, rip out the cabinets and refurnish the whole place. Over the 6 years that I’ve lived here, we had witness fire, went through droughts, quarrel with neighbours, crazy noisy tenants, boistorous kids yelling in the hallway, nosy neighbors and the list goes on. But that said, this place has its charm and over the years, it’s been a lovely place which we call home. But now that JH is growing up, we felt strongly that he needs a conducive environment to live and explore. And now, I’m very much at peace that we’ve decided to let go of this house and move on with our lives.

While I’m nostalgic about leaving, I’m excited for a fresh clean space. What blew our mind is we can get to hubbs’ workplace/JH’s preschool in 3 minutes by car. Yes, it’s really mind blowing. The size is slightly bigger with similar configuration, and ohh, our balcony overlook the hill just right across and it’s really breathtaking. There was once it was rainy and I swear we saw mist! What’s even better that this place is at the end of the cul-de-sac so it’s really secluded and quiet. I think I can get use to this…






Misbehaved kid.

If you’re a fan of Desperate housewife like I do, I’m sure you came across the episode where Lynette was trying so hard to get her twins to a prestigious school, only to realized that her kids are treacherous, loud, aggressive and boisterous. Well, ever since I found out that I’m having a boy, I’d always imagine that this would happen to me: that loud, jumping with mud over his face, ferocious little fella that would eat me alive eventually, but I never expected it to be so soon though. Well, yesterday was the day, where we had to go meet the JH’s teacher at preschool on a holiday, where she told us about our only offspring’s aggression and super active behaviour. It could be due to our moving house, and spending too much time on the road, too much screen time of Toy Story… it could be accumulative from all of the factors, which all means we didn’t do something right.

Apart from disappointment, we felt that we failed as a parents. But I choose to see the good side instead. I’m grateful that the teachers are kind enough to relay to us and patient enough to teach and care for my little rascal. I’m grateful that God is telling me that now that I’m done with my Masters, changing my career and moving house, its time for hubbs and I to work together and focus on what’s most important, our son.


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Moon cake made by my little chipmunk and his friends.

I woke up this morning shuddering from a dream that I had last night. It felt so real as I have the recurring dream and awaken by it multiple time. It’s also felt so surreal at the same time as I keep convincing myself it wasn’t real.

But thankfully, it wasn’t real and I was quickly jolted to my senses again. The last couple of days, I had been dragged down by this feeling of heaviness, so demotivated at work and I felt tired all the time. I think it’s due to the fact that we are moving house soon, managing the renovation & logistics amongst other things really take a toll on me mentally.

But today, as I awaken from that nasty dream, I’m thankful for all the things that had been bugger me for the past few days:

I’m thankful for being able to celebrate my mom in law’s birthday for another year.
I’m thankful to be able share the conversation with hubs last night, while watching this.
I’m thankful for the 20 minutes that we spend this morning doing the unusual.
I’m thankful for being able to move from one home to another, for our son’s sake as well as our own wellbeing.
I’m thankful for the unpredictable job functions that we encounter, because that’s how we learn to be better.
I’m thankful for the school that JH went to, and the teachers and little ones that makes it such a happy place to learn.
I’m thankful for my mom that always helps me with chores whenever she’s here.

Sometimes, all we need is a little jolt to relive us from all the negativity and discouragement. Although the nightmare is as scary and daunting as it can be, I’m glad I had it.



Why I love (this) Friday.

…Because it has been awhile since I last sip a coffee is total quietness.
…Because we watched this last night and it reminds us to work harder on romance, so that we don’t lose ourselves in the everyday mundane marriage.
…Because it’s time to start packing & I can’t wait!
…Because I had a fruitful week and manage to get lots of things done at work, with the highlight of meetign furniture suppliers like #hermanmiller
…Because JH had been singing & humming different songs that he learned from his school for the past week.

Hope you all have a good weekend ahead!