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Moon cake made by my little chipmunk and his friends.

I woke up this morning shuddering from a dream that I had last night. It felt so real as I have the recurring dream and awaken by it multiple time. It’s also felt so surreal at the same time as I keep convincing myself it wasn’t real.

But thankfully, it wasn’t real and I was quickly jolted to my senses again. The last couple of days, I had been dragged down by this feeling of heaviness, so demotivated at work and I felt tired all the time. I think it’s due to the fact that we are moving house soon, managing the renovation & logistics amongst other things really take a toll on me mentally.

But today, as I awaken from that nasty dream, I’m thankful for all the things that had been bugger me for the past few days:

I’m thankful for being able to celebrate my mom in law’s birthday for another year.
I’m thankful to be able share the conversation with hubs last night, while watching this.
I’m thankful for the 20 minutes that we spend this morning doing the unusual.
I’m thankful for being able to move from one home to another, for our son’s sake as well as our own wellbeing.
I’m thankful for the unpredictable job functions that we encounter, because that’s how we learn to be better.
I’m thankful for the school that JH went to, and the teachers and little ones that makes it such a happy place to learn.
I’m thankful for my mom that always helps me with chores whenever she’s here.

Sometimes, all we need is a little jolt to relive us from all the negativity and discouragement. Although the nightmare is as scary and daunting as it can be, I’m glad I had it.




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