Misbehaved kid.

If you’re a fan of Desperate housewife like I do, I’m sure you came across the episode where Lynette was trying so hard to get her twins to a prestigious school, only to realized that her kids are treacherous, loud, aggressive and boisterous. Well, ever since I found out that I’m having a boy, I’d always imagine that this would happen to me: that loud, jumping with mud over his face, ferocious little fella that would eat me alive eventually, but I never expected it to be so soon though. Well, yesterday was the day, where we had to go meet the JH’s teacher at preschool on a holiday, where she told us about our only offspring’s aggression and super active behaviour. It could be due to our moving house, and spending too much time on the road, too much screen time of Toy Story… it could be accumulative from all of the factors, which all means we didn’t do something right.

Apart from disappointment, we felt that we failed as a parents. But I choose to see the good side instead. I’m grateful that the teachers are kind enough to relay to us and patient enough to teach and care for my little rascal. I’m grateful that God is telling me that now that I’m done with my Masters, changing my career and moving house, its time for hubbs and I to work together and focus on what’s most important, our son.


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