Popping Tiles.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Last Saturday, while waiting for the hubs to bring us out for dinner, JH & I were lazing around the couch watching some TV, suddenly, we heard loud explosions coming from JH’s room. I was shocked and terrified. As I opened the door, I couldn’t see anything, but the ‘explosion’ sound was really terrifying. Afraid that the ceiling is collapsing, I urge JH to stay away from the room. Then suddenly, I realized the tiles on the floor are popping up! It seems like it got compressed and two rows of the tiles in the middle of the room emerged!

Thank God hubs came home soon after and he helped to open up the tiles to avoid more cracked tiles from breaking. I was utterly disbelief at the sight, angry and disheartened over unprofessional construction workers as well as blood sucking developers. Anyways, we’re gonna fix it regardless, but I’m just really really thankful that baby Ju & I was not in the room when it happen, we could’ve gotten hurt.




  • Less nausea/morning sickness.
  • Zits and acne still popping up like crazy
  • Still have constipation
  • Need to pee every half an hour (not quite sure why as I’m still in my first trimester)
  • Get hungry quite often therefore I always have snacks on my table
  • Tiredness & exhaustion x 10000000.

Baby No. 2 – It gets harder.

Compare to my first pregnancy, the second one has been alot tougher. I’m constantly hit with my nausea, lots of acne and I’m constantly lethargic. It was really exhausting! Spoken to someone, & she said of course its harder because this time round, I’m at the peak of my career, at the same time, a demanding toddler that’s seeking for attention all the time. Not to mention, I was only 25 when I was pregnant with my firstborn. The situation worsen when we were hit with a whirlwind of sickness where I encountered an everlasting cough, Ju-Hann started puking profusely, and an overwhelming workload at work at the same time. It had been a very tiring time for us.

I miss being energetic, zippy, happy sparkly and glowy. It’s just impossible when you’re constantly coughing your lungs out. Hubbs, being the sweetest helps to cleaning the puke multiple times and helps out with the house chores. I’m truly grateful.

Mom guilt.

IMG_20150908_183610As my career is advancing – meeting people from the real corporate world, working on real design jobs. It’s all exciting and fun – the downside is less time spent with my kid, especially when he falls sick. Couple days ago, I was strung by a very bad cold and was coughing badly. JH had also recently recover from his but recently he contracted tummy bug that makes him puke profusely. On the day when I woke him up, he was so tired and weak as he just puke everything out the day before. It tears my heart that I had to sent him to the daycare as I had taken few sick leave before that. But as God knows best, he toughen up and recover sooner than I thought. I guess at some point, I need to learn to let go and tell myself that it’s okay not to be able to ‘do-it-all’.

Reading this, and this article did help me tremendously.

That Christmas Sunday Morning.

It was a wet and cold morning.
Woke up and decided to make breakfast so we can have it outside the balcony.
We had eggs, breads and coffee.
We talk about life, love, careers, futures, while hearing JH making noises from his room, wanting to get out from his crib.
Took him out and he decides to join us, with Elmo.
As the sun comes out, we decide to head in and start to put up our mini Christmas tree.
JH was getting all excited opening the ornaments but his interest soon fade when it comes to hanging it on the tree, then he decides that he wants to watch minions.
I made lunch, we clean the toilets and wipe the floor.
I took an afternoon nap.
We spent the rest of the day lazying around.

It was a very satisfying day. Simple, yet satisfying.






Tonight, we celebrate.

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Tonight, we celebrate one of us into the journey of womanhood.
Tonight, we celebrate one of us that is brave enough to venture into the unknown, filled with great opportunity and adventures.
Tonight, we celebrate another joyous occasion of love and life.

Tonight, we celebrate Friendship.

{Love you girls to bits!}

Baby No. 2: Week 7

So, it’s been a week since we’d found out that I’m pregnant with baby no. 2. So far, we’d went for 1 ultrasound scan and I’m 7 weeks in. We manage to catch a faint heartbeat but it’s there. Though it’s still too little, we know our baby is snuggling inside the sac. As much as this joyful news had induced mixed feelings, work had been immensely stressful and I’m worried that it’ll affect the baby. It’s been difficult and challenging for me to achieve the balance between family and career and sometimes I wish I can be like my colleagues who can stay back late and finish the work together. As much as I want to participate and contribute to the team spirit, I know I can’t, because I’m a mom. But today, our whole family spend half a day out and it was so much fun and I really really am grateful for my little family, as well as this little human being that’s growing inside my belly. With that I realize, there’s nothing I would trade for this precious goft God has bestowed me. So from now on, instead of focusing on the negative, I’m gonna change my attitude towards my work, starting with:

  1. Knowing my Priority – My Family. All else comes secondary.
  2. Shield aside personal emotions when it comes to work. Get it done and get it over with.
  3. In life, do not react, but always respond. I need to learn how to handle tough situation that was thrown to me.
  4. Remind myself to look out on the bright side, no matter how grey the sky looks. I think sometimes, this attitude can do wonders.
  5. Take it slow and breathe. Yes, I think I need that, especially for baby No. 2.

Don’t worry baby, mommy will do whatever it is to protect you. You do your part and make sure you grow happily and healthily in my belly.


Why I Love (this) Friday.

Huge sigh… this week has been a long week. The whole team was rushing for a tender package drawing and the amount of work is insane! I can’t wait for it to be over. I keep reminding myself there are way more important stuff then work and I should not be stressing myself over it. So since it’s Fri-yay, I’d like to take 5 minutes to list down the stuff that I’m thankful for.

  • Hubbie who’s being so supportive when I have to work late for the past week.
  • Settling into our new home & loving every corner of it.
  • The number 4.
  • No more traffic nightmares!
  • Christmas is around the corner, time to hang those lights!
  • Just being able to see the sky again after so long…

{Our view from the balcony}