Baby No. 2: Week 7

So, it’s been a week since we’d found out that I’m pregnant with baby no. 2. So far, we’d went for 1 ultrasound scan and I’m 7 weeks in. We manage to catch a faint heartbeat but it’s there. Though it’s still too little, we know our baby is snuggling inside the sac. As much as this joyful news had induced mixed feelings, work had been immensely stressful and I’m worried that it’ll affect the baby. It’s been difficult and challenging for me to achieve the balance between family and career and sometimes I wish I can be like my colleagues who can stay back late and finish the work together. As much as I want to participate and contribute to the team spirit, I know I can’t, because I’m a mom. But today, our whole family spend half a day out and it was so much fun and I really really am grateful for my little family, as well as this little human being that’s growing inside my belly. With that I realize, there’s nothing I would trade for this precious goft God has bestowed me. So from now on, instead of focusing on the negative, I’m gonna change my attitude towards my work, starting with:

  1. Knowing my Priority – My Family. All else comes secondary.
  2. Shield aside personal emotions when it comes to work. Get it done and get it over with.
  3. In life, do not react, but always respond. I need to learn how to handle tough situation that was thrown to me.
  4. Remind myself to look out on the bright side, no matter how grey the sky looks. I think sometimes, this attitude can do wonders.
  5. Take it slow and breathe. Yes, I think I need that, especially for baby No. 2.

Don’t worry baby, mommy will do whatever it is to protect you. You do your part and make sure you grow happily and healthily in my belly.



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