Baby No. 2 – It gets harder.

Compare to my first pregnancy, the second one has been alot tougher. I’m constantly hit with my nausea, lots of acne and I’m constantly lethargic. It was really exhausting! Spoken to someone, & she said of course its harder because this time round, I’m at the peak of my career, at the same time, a demanding toddler that’s seeking for attention all the time. Not to mention, I was only 25 when I was pregnant with my firstborn. The situation worsen when we were hit with a whirlwind of sickness where I encountered an everlasting cough, Ju-Hann started puking profusely, and an overwhelming workload at work at the same time. It had been a very tiring time for us.

I miss being energetic, zippy, happy sparkly and glowy. It’s just impossible when you’re constantly coughing your lungs out. Hubbs, being the sweetest helps to cleaning the puke multiple times and helps out with the house chores. I’m truly grateful.


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