Mom guilt.

IMG_20150908_183610As my career is advancing – meeting people from the real corporate world, working on real design jobs. It’s all exciting and fun – the downside is less time spent with my kid, especially when he falls sick. Couple days ago, I was strung by a very bad cold and was coughing badly. JH had also recently recover from his but recently he contracted tummy bug that makes him puke profusely. On the day when I woke him up, he was so tired and weak as he just puke everything out the day before. It tears my heart that I had to sent him to the daycare as I had taken few sick leave before that. But as God knows best, he toughen up and recover sooner than I thought. I guess at some point, I need to learn to let go and tell myself that it’s okay not to be able to ‘do-it-all’.

Reading this, and this article did help me tremendously.


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